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30 years plus of designing and fabricating industrial and oil field exhaust requirements as well as air intake, cooling systems, and oil fill customization.

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Oilfield & Industrial Components

We service the oil industry by cleaning sensitive exhaust systems, which drives pumping units and gets rid of methane gas. We also help make sure these industrial exhaust systems stay at a reasonable noise level to make life better for residents living near oil well production.

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Custom Bending

Customized and restored vehicle projects often require unique exhaust fabrication. We offer custom pipe bending services to accommodate these needs.

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Performance Exhaust Systems

Whether you’re looking for smoother exhaust ventilation or want to stand out from the rest, we offer performance exhaust systems to help your vehicle roar like a lion or purr like a kitten.

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It’s essential to have brakes that work at all times! We’ll inspect your brakes, diagnose any problems and repair or replace your brake components as necessary.

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Suspension and steering components wear out over time. We will inspect and diagnose any issues with your vehicle suspension, and provide repairs or replacements depending on your needs.

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Shocks and struts help absorb impact and prevent damage to your car, but that wear and tear can make them less effective over time. We offer repair and replacement services for your shocks to keep your vehicle protected from the bumps on the road.

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Front End

We offer services for the front end of your vehicle, including ball joints, tie rod ends, wheel bearings, sway bar, springs and struts — which all wear down over the life cycle of a vehicle. Keep your vehicle control up to speed and maintain a comfortable ride by booking a front end service today.

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Wheel Alignments

Proper alignment and tire rotation are necessary for your tires' safety and longevity. We provide wheel alignment services to keep you moving safely.

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Insurance Inspections

Need the all-clear for your older vehicle? We provide inspections on older vehicles so you can get them insured.

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